Tail policies

What You Should Know About Your Tail Coverage Options

Most physicians know that any malpractice insurance coverage should include the right tail policy. Tail policies cover medical professionals when their claims-based malpractice insurance runs out. With a claims-based malpractice policy, doctors are protected financially from medical negligence claims during the period in which the policy is in effect. Once the coverage period ends, for […]

staffing insurance

Advantages of Specialized Insurance Agencies

With any business, insurance is a must to avoid potential costly litigation’s, compromising reputations and overall time and stress involved in resolving any mishaps. Luckily, enlisting the help of a good insurance agency can help to predict the likelihood of these events occurring, and can put an appropriate coverage plan in place to prepare for […]

accountants professional liability insurance

E&O Protection for Accountants: Don’t Sleep on It

For such a left-brain profession, it is surprising how many CPAs doubt the necessity for accountants professional liability insurance coverage. Yet any business that provides services or dispenses advice to clients needs specialized liability protection. Add the fact that accounting firms work closely with sensitive financial data only intensifies the risk of claims, whether warranted […]

E&O coverage

Ask For These 3 Extras When You Shop for Errors & Omissions Insurance

If you are shopping for an errors and omission insurance policy, you likely know that your focus should be on the insuring clause and the exclusions clause. The insuring clause tells you who is protected under the policy and how benefits are received. The exclusions clause tells you what would keep you from receiving benefits. […]

Water treatment insurance

Top 3 Insurance Features Water Treatment Companies Need

Water treatment insurance is an important part of running a water treatment company, but you may not know what important features you should be including in your policy. There are a variety of issues that can come up and if you don’t have the right insurance to cover it, you might be out of luck. […]

Massachusetts insurance agents

Tips for Choosing an Insurance Agent

There are a number of Massachusetts insurance agents to choose from. Finding the right one to work with you can be tricky sometimes. Here are a few tips that can help you on your way. Experience With Your Plan Type With the many plans available some agents may focus on only a few policy types. […]

commercial property insurance coverage in Orlando

How To Insure Your Commercial Property

When you are looking for commercial property insurance coverage in Orlando, it is a good idea to start by looking into local insurance agencies. These companies can help you find the right coverage for your local environmental and legal concerns as well as the risks you face with your specific type of property. For example, […]

CT homeowners insurance

Coverage for Your Most Valued Possession: Your Home

The old expression, “putting a roof over your head” makes buying a house seem like something done for the simplest of reasons, but it’s much more than that. It’s likely one of the most valuable investments you’ll ever make, and one you’d find difficult to replace if a disaster were to happen. This could involve […]

healthcare facilities insurance market

Understanding Insurance Jargon

When you are looking into the healthcare facilities insurance market to find the right plan for your company, it may get a little overwhelming when you see all of the terminology being used. To make sure you are getting some of the best insurance policies offered, here is a basic run-down of some of the […]

Wholesale healthcare facilities insurance

Types of Insurance Coverage for Healthcare Facilities

If you are running a business, chances are insurance is something that you have thought about getting for your company. There are a lot of different insurance coverage types out there for many businesses, and there are some that work specifically with certain types of industries. Wholesale healthcare facilities insurance is one of those specific […]