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The Travelers Click Solution

Purchasing and issuing surety bonds shouldn’t be a long and arduous process. Thanks to the new innovative Travelers Click portal, agents and brokers can do their jobs quicker and more efficiently. By utilizing the Travelers Click online platform, users report easier navigation and increased performance all on a more intuitive and user-friendly interface. Travelers promises […]


Redirecting Marketing Energy from Google My Business During COVID-19

Many businesses have found marketing success by claiming and maintaining their Google My Business (GMB) profile. However, Google has reduced support for the program during increased demand for other services during the COVID-19 pandemic. With a little extra effort, you can expand awareness of your business through alternate channels while GMB support is lagging. Go […]

How to Use a Cease and Desist Letter

Before taking legal action against a person or entity, many businesses opt to send a cease and desist letter. These letters serve as a warning that further action may happen if the party’s actions do not stop. Businesses can protect their legal rights without a costly lawsuit by properly using these letters. Clear Language The […]

Arroyo Insurance Services

Watercraft Liability: Do You Need It?

As a business owner, your liability insurance coverage may have a far reach, but does it reach to your watercraft? In most situations, general liability does not extend to boats or other vessels. When you have a watercraft liability endorsement, however, you can have your coverage extended to cover any vessels. The question is, do […]

Merrimac Marine Insurance

3 Important Traits of Companies Offering Marine Manufacturer Insurance

If you are in the marine manufacturing sector, you know the right insurance coverage is vital to safeguard your business, your assets, and your employees. You need to find a company that can meet the specific needs of your business. Here are some important traits to look for in companies that sell marine manufacturer insurance. […]

Caitlin Morgan Insurance

Protecting Your Long-Term Care Facility From a Blizzard

When inclement weather hits your area, you need to be prepared to keep your long-term care facility safe from danger. Whether you’re expecting heavy snowfall or a blizzard, it’s crucial to be properly equipped to handle it. Here are some tips that can help long term care facilities preparing for blizzards to find peace of […]

Kevin Davis Insurance

Why You Need PUD Coverage

Unlike living in a condo, individuals who lived in planned unit development, also known as PUD, own the land that their home is on. If you are a property manager and wondering what is pud insurance and is it necessary, know that it can help protect you in a variety of circumstances. Special Coverage for […]

Byrnes Agency Insurance lists

3 Risks Covered by Golf Club and Resort Insurance

Country clubs and resorts are places that allow guests freedom from stressful lives and a pleasant time. However, incidents can occur that disrupt their stay and your business. Golf club insurance plans cover basic risks for your establishment, such as general liability, crime and workers’ compensation, but they can also include more specific areas to […]

HILB Group

4 Tips to Reducing Professional Errors

While professional errors and omissions liability insurance steps in should you make a mistake, professionals can further reduce their chances of making a mistake. These tips help minimize the risks of working and can even improve efficiency. Clarify Doubts If you have doubts about a project, speak up. A failure to clarify could mean you […]

Boat Insurance

Boat Insurance Costs: What to Know About Average Costs

If you are a boat owner, then odds are you will be considering boat insurance. Before you make the jump, if you are like most, you may wonder what you can expect to pay. Unfortunately, figuring out the average cost may not help you as much as you think. Average Costs The experts at […]