coverage for civil monetary penalties

Benefits of Civil Monetary Penalty Insurance

Since the Great Recession of 2008 and the financial crisis that ensued, bank officers and directors have invested in coverage for civil monetary penalties. The necessity for coverage is due to the increasing risks the top executives of financial institutions have incurred since 2008. Beyond financial institutions, directors and officers of healthcare corporations have seen […]

Motor truck cargo insurance coverage

Protect Your Business

If you are involved in an accident while transporting cargo, do you have the insurance you would need to cover any losses you sustain? Motor truck cargo insurance coverage can provide an additional layer of protection beyond basic carrier liability, and protect you against unforeseen losses because of damage or theft. What Is Covered? While […]

Special risks insurance brokers

Covering Your Unique Business Needs

Generally speaking, personal and commercial insurance policies are the most commonly sought after policies. Many agencies can offer general policies to cover common exposures and risks. In some cases, these generic policies are not enough. Special risks insurance brokers are able to offer coverage that fills in the gaps with risks and exposure not traditionally […]

temporary boat insurance

Hidden Limitations of Boat Insurance

Every state may not require boat owners to carry insurance on their vessels. This, however, may not relieve owners from financial responsibility if their boat causes damage to someone else’s property. To protect themselves and their investments, boat owners may obtain a standard boaters insurance policy and temporary boat insurance. Standard Boat Policies Standard boat […]

employee benefits liability insurance

What Is Benefit Liability Insurance?

As an employer or business owner, shopping for insurance shouldn’t be new to you. What may be new, however, is employee benefits liability insurance? If you aren’t sure what it is, then naturally, you may not be aware of how important it is for you to be covered. Benefit liability insurance is protection from errors […]

Western Truck Insurance

The Right Company for the Job

Truckers have specific needs, and whether you are an owner-operator or a company owner with a fleet of trucks, you need an insurance provider that understands the business and your needs. Western Truck Insurance specializes in exactly that. They want to keep your trucks moving with the protection that ensures your business’ success. Recognizing the […]

builders risk insurance in New York

Protection For Construction Workers

If you are working on a construction project, builders risk insurance in New York is exactly what you need to protect your time, materials, and building. Plans are available for single projects or projects with multiple locations. This insurance is perfect for a small contractor, a commercial construction company, and anything in between. Consider all […]

U.S insurance

Safeguard Your Investments With Confidence

Planning a successful business venture involves lots lists, phone calls and marketing. However, before opening day many managers forget to add one important point to their list. Insurance is one of the most vital factors to consider. While you may not think you need protection for claims, theft and damages, finding an experienced insurance company […]

PLI insurance

Why Public Liability Insurance Matters

 When it comes to protecting your business, insurance is most likely one of the first ways things comes to mind. Obtaining a comprehensive insurance policy is vital, and there are many different types of insurance necessary to fully cover one’s business in a worst-case scenario. What is PLI Insurance? PLI insurance, which stands for public […]

Insurance Websites

Website Tips for Insurance Agencies

The success of your website is predicated on your ability to design and properly layout your pages so that they are consumer-friendly. Most sites are either easy to use or quite distracting to visitors. When determining what should be implemented when planning Insurance Websites always keep in mind that there are practical applications that will […]