non owned automobile insurance

4 Tips To Help Prevent a Car Accident

Supplying companies with temporary staffing may mean that the employee drives the client’s company vehicle. While your non owned automobile insurance protects the company in the event an accident occurs, here are some tips to help the employees prevent one happening in the first place. Safety First All states require the use of seat belts, […]

hospitality insurance company

Maintaining the Safety of Clients and Employees

Managing a business in the hospitality industry brings unique experiences in customer service, management and risk assessment. Keeping all parties happy while staying safe can be tricky since there are many variables that could affect individual behaviors. A hospitality insurance company has the insight needed to minimize the risks that might arise from your operations. […]

errors omissions in Manhattan

Your Guide to Errors and Omissions Insurance

No matter what industry you work in, you are most likely confident in your product and service. While it’s great to have confidence that you can perform a service correctly and with reliability, you don’t want to be overconfident. Here is why you still need errors omissions in Manhattan. Risks Covered By Errors & Omissions […]

quality insurance company

Four Tips to Finding a Good Agent

You might have questions about the differences in insurance brokers, agents and providers. Given the option to go through online services or choose locally, it can be tough to find a quality insurance company. If you are trying to narrow down your options, look at these tips for finding a good provider. Length of operations. […]

IMS insurance

How Mergers Help Consumers

Sometimes the general public fears mergers with large corporations. Given government involvement with antitrust laws, it is important to protect healthy competition in our economy. However, there are times when mergers and acquisitions provide a significant benefit to consumers. Recently, IMS insurance out of Texas found itself in a position to merge with a larger […]

first party vs third party cyber insurance

Cyber Insurance: First and Third Party

When it comes to cyber liability insurance, there are two main types: first party and third party. While some insurance companies include both types, sometimes only one is necessary or affordable. When it comes to first party vs third party cyber insurance, then, what is the best one? That depends on your business and what […]

stop gap insurance coverage

3 Reasons To Have Stop Gap Insurance in Monopolistic States

Monopolistic states handle the sale of workers compensation insurance. The required insurance does not include employers liability insurance in those states. By not having that rider often easily added onto workers compensation insurance in non-monopolistic states, businesses in Washington, Ohio, North Dakota and Wyoming benefit from adding stop gap insurance coverage. Comply with Other Insurance […]

business insurance in Totowa, New Jersey

2 Surprising Facts About Business Insurance

For every business, business insurance is crucial and necessary. While no one enjoys spending their time shopping for insurance, it is important that you find an insurer that offers the types of coverage that you need. As you search for the right business insurance in Totowa, New Jersey, here are a couple of facts that […]

Nursing home insurance costs

Managing Nursing Home Risks

Nursing homes are a niche market that provides vital services to aging individuals. It comes with its own set of industry-specific risks. Nursing home insurance costs should be budgeted for if you are thinking about opening such a facility. Coverage Different insurance providers offer different packages. Some plans might include the following coverages Professional Liability […]

3 Reasons To Buy Comprehensive Small Business Insurance

As a busy small business owner, you are likely constantly looking for ways to improve business processes without blowing your tight budget. One way to improve practices is to purchase all your small business insurance coverage at the same place, such as Here are three reasons diligent small business owners opt for comprehensive coverage. […]