professional liability vs errors and omissions insurance

Providing Full Coverage for Your Business

Providing Full Coverage for Your Business To ensure full coverage of the company and employees, many businesses use a combination of different policies. Understanding the difference between professional liability vs errors and omissions insurance means you can fully protect your business when it comes to malpractice and wrongful acts. The Main Difference Many confuse E&O […]

online marketing for insurance agents

Online Marketing Solutions for the Insurance Industry

Online Marketing Solutions for the Insurance Industry Internet marketing is continually evolving, with companies struggling to keep up with the changes. Online marketing for insurance agents can help you stay up-to-date with techniques, grow your client list and be seen in the industry. Digital Marketing Services There are many marketing methods insurance agents, wholesalers and […]

insurance financial institutions

Financial Institutions and the Risks They Carry

Financial Institutions and the Risks They Carry Financial institutions carry unique risks and hence need unique insurance coverages to address the specialized components of their operation. Financial institutions house a lot of personal information about clients, including financial information. Additionally, the nature of a financial institution puts them at different risks than other businesses. It’s […]

contingency insurance

What Is Contingent Insurance and Why Do You Need It?

As a tenant, you may think that your landlord has all the insurance you need in the event of disaster. Unfortunately, not all insurance paid by a third party covers you. This makes having contingency insurance a priority for many. What It Is Contingency insurance is secondary insurance coverage. The insurance protects the insured when […]

life insurance company in Connecticut

Why You Should Think About Getting Life Insurance

Although you may not think you need it, life insurance is a valuable form of insurance that should be purchased by individuals looking to protect their loved ones in the event of their untimely death. You can choose a plan provided by a life insurance company in Connecticut or other areas. Different plans are available […]

staffing insurance

Three Must-Have Insurance Coverages For Staffing Firms

Staffing agencies have unique insurance needs. Not only do they need to cover themselves, but they must also carry coverages to protect the contractors they hire. If you’re looking for staffing insurance, here are three must-have coverages you should expect to include in your policy. Workers’ Compensation Workers’ compensation is needed to cover your internal […]

non owned automobile insurance

4 Tips To Help Prevent a Car Accident

Supplying companies with temporary staffing may mean that the employee drives the client’s company vehicle. While your non owned automobile insurance protects the company in the event an accident occurs, here are some tips to help the employees prevent one happening in the first place. Safety First All states require the use of seat belts, […]

hospitality insurance company

Maintaining the Safety of Clients and Employees

Managing a business in the hospitality industry brings unique experiences in customer service, management and risk assessment. Keeping all parties happy while staying safe can be tricky since there are many variables that could affect individual behaviors. A hospitality insurance company has the insight needed to minimize the risks that might arise from your operations. […]

errors omissions in Manhattan

Your Guide to Errors and Omissions Insurance

No matter what industry you work in, you are most likely confident in your product and service. While it’s great to have confidence that you can perform a service correctly and with reliability, you don’t want to be overconfident. Here is why you still need errors omissions in Manhattan. Risks Covered By Errors & Omissions […]

quality insurance company

Four Tips to Finding a Good Agent

You might have questions about the differences in insurance brokers, agents and providers. Given the option to go through online services or choose locally, it can be tough to find a quality insurance company. If you are trying to narrow down your options, look at these tips for finding a good provider. Length of operations. […]