Cargo Insurance for Your Peace of Mind

As of June 22, 2015, over one million metric tonnes of freight and mail have passed through Memphis, Tennessee. This doesn’t count any of the other major ports in the United States, such as Anchorage, AK, Miami, FL, or Louisville, KY. Although you may not be required to carry cargo insurance on your shipment of goods, whether it’s being transported domestically or internationally, it makes sense to insure it for your own peace of mind.

With so many shipments through land, air, and water, you cannot risk having your valuable cargo lost or delayed. Cargo insurance can be underwritten to your specific needs, which gives you peace of mind no matter which transit system you use. You have to partner with an insurance specialist who understands the complexities of the insurance system so that you get the exact policy that fits your shipment.

Even if you’re working with logistics experts who are confident in what they do, you can’t guarantee that the shipment won’t be damaged or held up somewhere. When you’re shipping produce, just one or two days could devastate your shipment. Cargo is often lost in transit, and your carrier may not be liable. It is your company that will take the loss. Ask about cargo insurance for your peace of mind and know that no matter what happens with your shipment, you won’t be at a loss.

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