logistics industry

Cargo Insurance for Trucking Operations

The logistics industry is complex, with many players who work together to make sure goods and raw materials make their way wherever they are needed. From moving households to shipping retail sales across country for e-commerce sites and everything in between, transporting the stuff people need involves companies in many niches handing off the right materials at the right time, without incident. Like any complex operation, things don’t always go as planned. Where the incidents happen matters, though, as does your role in the process. The needs of trucking companies won’t be the same as those of companies that do only marine cargo transport or those that have a wide range of shipping options, and their insurance needs to reflect those unique needs.

How Cargo Coverage Rounds Out Your Insurance Plan

You already have coverage for your vehicles, drivers, and facilities. Cargo coverage takes care of your liability in the event that the goods you carry are damaged or destroyed in transit, which takes care of your customers while your other policies take care of you. It’s good financial protection against lawsuits related to your liability and payments for damages out of pocket, and when you get truck cargo insurance instead of a more general form, your policy provisions are built to reflect the reality of overland transport via diesel trucks run by a trained commercial operator. That means there won’t be gaps in coverage and you won’t be paying for protection against incidents that your business never faces.