How Best to Insure Your Teen Driver

Driving is a big step for teens. It is the physical reality of their increased independence combined with a greater level of personal responsibility in the world. It is no secret that auto insurance for teens can be expensive. New London Connecticut auto insurance can make sure that your teen gets the best coverage at a reasonable rate.


Choose to Add Onto a Family Policy


It often makes sense to add a new driver onto an existing policy than to buy a separate one. This is especially true if the designated car for the teen driver is a model with a strong safety record and good safety equipment. In this case, a little bit boring pays off, as a less flashy car is less likely to be stolen or vandalized, and therefore will demand a lower premium. Discounts are available for students who have taken a driver safety education course and who get good grades. In addition, while a teen may have limited driving history to draw upon, your good driving record works to everyone’s advantage.


Opt for a Higher Deductible


You may purchase New London Connecticut auto insurance with the option of paying a higher deductible in the case of an accident. While this involves some risk, higher deductibles mean lower premiums.


Be sure to ask a New London Connecticut auto insurance agent about adult driver advantages such as multiple car and multiple policy discounts to get the policy that benefits you and your teen driver the most.