medical transportation insurance

Basic Insurance Options For Medical Transportation Companies

Are you looking for medical transportation insurance to cover your new transport company? With the risks that will be involved in your everyday operations, it’s important that you have the right coverages to protect yourself, your customers and employees. Outside of commercial auto coverage, here are three of the key coverages that you should plan to include in your new policy to help keep your operations running smoothly in case disaster strikes.

General Liability Insurance

Your general liability insurance will protect you against third-party claims for just about everything except for car accidents. For example, if a patient suffers an injury while in your care and files a lawsuit, your policy will cover any legal fees or medical expenses for which you’re liable.

Property Insurance

As the name implies, property insurance covers your business property against damage or loss. In case of an event such as a fire, storm, theft or vandalism, your policy would cover the cost to repair or replace your covered items. Your equipment, furniture and even your digital assets can all be covered.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Worker’s compensation insurance covers the medical expenses for your employees in case they’re injured or become ill because of job-related activities. It can also be used to cover lost wages while they’re away from work. In such a high-risk environment, it’s a must-have coverage.

There are other aspects to medical transportation insurance aside from the obvious commercial auto coverage. Work with an experienced agent to create a policy that suits your needs.