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Adding a Teenager To Your Car Insurance Policy

The time has come to add your teenager to your car insurance policy and you are understandably apprehensive. After all, rates tend to rise when you cover a child below a certain age, as statistics show that teenagers cause more accidents than adults. However, there are ways you can keep rates manageable when working with car insurance companies in CT to add drivers in this age bracket. There are discounts you can use to your advantage if your child is eligible for them. For example, some insurers offer lower rates to teenagers who fare well academically. New drivers who complete driving education courses can also enjoy savings. Avoiding accidents is, of course, the most effective way to prevent rates from climbing. You can make an enormous impact if you consistently reinforce safe driving practices to your teenager such as staying several car lengths behind other vehicles and checking their blind spot before merging into a different lane. It is also critical that your child know the importance of following state mandated rules such as limitations on the number of people who ride in the car with them. A car full of boisterous teenagers can quickly become a distraction. You can work with car insurance companies in CT and your child to help keep rates reasonable even after adding your teenager. It is well worth the time and effort.

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