non owned automobile insurance

4 Tips To Help Prevent a Car Accident

Supplying companies with temporary staffing may mean that the employee drives the client’s company vehicle. While your non owned automobile insurance protects the company in the event an accident occurs, here are some tips to help the employees prevent one happening in the first place.

Safety First

All states require the use of seat belts, but it is a good reminder to ensure the staff wears them properly. When the staff member gets in the car, they should adjust the seat, side mirrors and rear view mirror to limit the blind spots.

Check Blind Spots

No matter the vehicle, there are blind spots. They should thoroughly look before turning or moving into traffic.

Constantly Scan

A constant focus on the road at all times helps drivers prevent accidents by scanning for potential problems. Anticipating what other drivers may do can help the driver react faster.

Be Courteous

Regardless of the behavior of other drivers, always be courteous when behind the wheel. Don’t tailgate, run red lights or speed into traffic.

Insuring your staffing business with non owned automobile insurance protects your business if that employee gets in an accident in the client’s car. Many businesses may even want insurance in place prior to using the staff member. These few tips can ease their minds and help keep staff safe.