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3 Risks Covered by Golf Club and Resort Insurance

Country clubs and resorts are places that allow guests freedom from stressful lives and a pleasant time. However, incidents can occur that disrupt their stay and your business. Golf club insurance plans cover basic risks for your establishment, such as general liability, crime and workers’ compensation, but they can also include more specific areas to better meet your needs.

Golf Carts and Vehicles

Byrnes Agency Insurance lists golf carts and other motorized vehicles as a featured coverage due to their importance to the experience. Whether they help guests move through a golf course or snowy hills, these vehicles can also break down or become damaged. A dedicated insurance plan can cover quick vehicle repair and replacement, diminishing disruption and economic loss.

Golf Course Coverage

As a club owner, you pride yourself in maintaining elegant golf courses for guests to enjoy. Unfortunately, factors such as property damage and troubling weather can compromise their enjoyment and cost you money. A detailed insurance plan can help you pay for these setbacks and keep your courses suitable for continued use.

Health Hazards

Even though you strive to make your club a safe space, there are still health threats to your employees and clients, including food illness, exposure to insecticides or herbicides and more. The insurance covers medical and legal bills incurred by these hazards.

Golf clubs and other recreation areas still have their own risks you must prepare for. A customized insurance plan covers multiple situations and protects clients and businesses alike.