Homeowners Insurance Claims

3 Most Common Types Of Homeowners Insurance Claims

Your home is a refuge of comfort and peace for your family, but that doesn’t mean it’s impervious to damage. Although many things can happen to a home, there are a few common claims that are most often paid out from home insurance policies.

Windstorm and Hail

It’s not surprising that forces of nature account for most of the claims paid out by insurance companies. Windstorm causes damage through falling trees and torn shingles while a hail storm can shatter windows and destroy a roof and siding on a home in seconds.

Fire and Lightning

Fire and lightning are also popular claims as they can be catastrophically destructive. Fires burn contents and the structure, but smoke can extend the damage throughout the home. Lightning typically has the same danger from resulting fires, but a lightning strike can also fry an electrical panel and result in costly repairs to the whole power system.

Water and Freezing

Water can be deceptively destructive. Even a slow, hidden drip can seep in just about anywhere and cause mold and other damage. When coupled with freezing temperatures, water from frozen pipes or ice damming under shingles can be catastrophic.

There are many things to worry about as a homeowner. At least knowing what claims are most likely to occur can help you breathe a little easier.