Artisanal Contractors

Specialized General Contractors

Although the term general contractor makes it seem like they can do anything, there are many different kinds of contractors and some have special skills. Some focus on drywall, others may do concrete work, and then there are artisan contractors. What is an Artisan Contractor? Unfortunately, it sounds a little more glamorous than it is. […]

Personal Insurance

3 Ways High Net Worth Individuals Can Protect Their Assets

Individuals with a high net worth tend to place a lot of value on asset protection. After all, they have more assets than the average individual and often in multiple forms. High net worth personal insurance is but one way they can protect their assets. Insurance As seen on, high net worth individuals often […]

Professional Employer Organizations

Insurance Coverage for the Operations of Professional Employer Organizations

Over the last few years, professional employer organizations (PEOs) have worked to provide expert administrative assistance for employers and organizations around the country. While there is often a demand for human resource services, these organizations are also known for offering the following services to corporate clients: Tax administration Employee benefit Payroll services Regulatory compliance assistance […]

Kevin Davis Insurance

Why You Need PUD Coverage

Unlike living in a condo, individuals who lived in planned unit development, also known as PUD, own the land that their home is on. If you are a property manager and wondering what is pud insurance and is it necessary, know that it can help protect you in a variety of circumstances. Special Coverage for […]

Byrnes Agency Insurance lists

3 Risks Covered by Golf Club and Resort Insurance

Country clubs and resorts are places that allow guests freedom from stressful lives and a pleasant time. However, incidents can occur that disrupt their stay and your business. Golf club insurance plans cover basic risks for your establishment, such as general liability, crime and workers’ compensation, but they can also include more specific areas to […]

HILB Group

4 Tips to Reducing Professional Errors

While professional errors and omissions liability insurance steps in should you make a mistake, professionals can further reduce their chances of making a mistake. These tips help minimize the risks of working and can even improve efficiency. Clarify Doubts If you have doubts about a project, speak up. A failure to clarify could mean you […]

Contractor’s Liability Coverage

Knowing the Limitations of a Contractor’s Liability Coverage

When contractors bid for a construction job, the homeowner or business manager usually wants to know about the insurance coverage that will be maintained during the length of the project. They raise some good questions, one of which is usually “are subcontractors covered under contractors insurance?” If you are a contractor, you will need to […]

Axis Insurance Services

What You Should Know About Insurance for Property Preservation

Many people have never heard of property preservation insurance, but it is a vital resource for homeowners and communities. If you’re wondering whether this type of insurance is right for you, here are five things you should know. Property Preservation Is a Safeguard  The purpose of property preservation insurance is to protect the values of […]

World Wide

Understanding the Insurance Needs of Staffing Companies

If you operate a business that supplies personnel to other companies, you are uniquely positioned to nimbly shift with economic changes over time, but you also have highly unique needs when you set up the risk management plan that will help your company thrive long enough to see those kinds of changes. Staffing insurance programs […]

Byrnes Agency Insurance

Four Things To Look For In A Contractor

Let’s not beat around the bush here: It is expensive to have any kind of contracting work done to your home. What should you look for when you’re hiring a contractor so that you get the best and most quality job is done? They Are Insured Contractors insurance is essential when you’re looking for a […]