liability insurance in Florida

What Does Commercial Liability Cover?

Most business owners know that they need commercial general liability coverage as part of their business owner’s policy, but not many of them know exactly what that part of the BOP can do for them. If you are talking to agents about liability insurance in Florida, it is important to know what their proposed policies cover.

When you think of how a general liability policy protects your business, physical damages are probably what come to mind. If a third party suffers bodily harm or property damage for which you are to blame, it is usually covered by this policy. Furthermore, if your products, once completed, cause damage, your liability insurance can take care of that as well.

When you enter into a contract or lease, contractual liability is usually part of your liability insurance in Florida. It can also protect against slander and libel. If your business operations or events involve alcohol, make sure your policy also includes liquor liability. Every industry is going to have insurance needs that are specific to the work done in that industry, so it’s a good idea to talk to an agent who is familiar with your field.

Commercial general liability is an important part of your BOP. Your agent can help you navigate the options so that your business has the coverage it needs.