California homeowners insurance

Protect Your Home in the Golden State

It’s undeniable to most people that California is one of the best places in the country to live, work, and raise a family. Buying a home in this sunny state is considered a privilege, so getting the proper insurance protection is crucial. Many people are overwhelmed by everything they need to do once they’re a […]

BOP insurance

What You Need To Know About Your BOP Policy

If you’ve just started a new business, you may already be looking into a business owners insurance policy. It’s a great first step to protecting all your hard work, but it may not be enough on its own. Here are some basics about BOP insurance. The business packages available vary, so your provider might offer […]

business insurance in New Jersey

What to Know About Vacant Buildings and Your Insurance

If you own a commercial space, then your business insurance in New Jersey should cover damage to the building. However, it becomes a different sort of story when the building or parts of the building you own are vacant. Here are some things you should take care to do to minimize risk to the building […]

hired, non-owned auto insurance

What Auto Insurance Does My Business Need?

If your staffing firm owns a vehicle or fleet of vehicles, you probably already have a commercial auto policy that will protect you in the case of an accident while in the use of an employee. However, is your firm properly protected against damage or injury as a result of a vehicle you are renting […]

Concert insurance

Event Planning and Protection

No matter where you go, live music attracts audiences of all kinds. Concert goers attend these events to enjoy the artist and their talent with little planning other than buying their tickets. As the owner, you, on the other hand, have the responsibility to do all of the planning to make an event enjoyable, safe, […]

Restaurant Insurance

Health, Safety Risks and Restaurant Coverage

Running a successful restaurant is no easy task, and Restaurant Insurance is something that no entrepreneur can be without. Accidents can occur at any given time, and this can be a serious issue when it involves customers. Despite your attempts to run a safe, clean, and efficient establishment, several issues could crop up and lead […]

NJ errors & omissions

Industries That Need Errors and Omissions Coverage

NJ errors & omissions policies cover legal fees and damages awarded in lawsuits brought against you for negligence or any other claim about the performance of your duties. If you operate a business in which the quality of your services affects your clients’ well being or that of their property, you need an E&O policy. […]

Yacht insurance quotes

The Importance of Yacht Insurance Quotes

Yacht insurance is starting to become more commonplace. As the hazards on water continue to increase, so do the variety of yacht insurance plans. It is important to be prepared for the many unknown risks you could face on the water. Here is the importance of getting several yacht insurance quotes while you are looking […]

WaterColor Management

Contact the Experts in Water Insurance

If you are in the need for insurance related to a water treatment issue, WaterColor Management is a great resource for your or your company. Working as a general insurance underwriter since 1986, this company provides coverages for a host of problems associated with water and water treatment systems. The company reduces exposures for groundwater […]

collectors car insurance

Protecting and Caring for Your Exotic Car

Most classic car owners treat their vehicles with special care, which limits the owner’s liability exposure to some degree. Many collectible cars may not be in ready condition, requiring time and money to get them on the road. As the owner, you will still need to protect your investment. Some policies purchased will cover vehicles […]