employee benefits liability insurance

Close the Liability Gap with Employee Benefits Coverage

Liability coverage included in a business insurance policy is hardly a catch-all for your staffing insurance needs. General liability plans–as well as errors and omissions policies or endorsements–provide for coverage against claims by third parties, typically customers or clients. Glaringly absent is any coverage against claims by a firm’s own employees, both temporary and full-time. […]

employment practices liability insurance

How to Avoid Making Mistakes That Can Lead to Claims of Improper Employment Practices

Employees placed by staffing agencies to perform work for businesses can remain the responsibility of the staffing agencies even though they may be supervised and monitored by another business. In addition to being held liable for employees’ actions, the staffing agency can also be held responsible for improper employment practices committed by the businesses. Although […]

Cargo liability insurance companies

Confidently Carry Your Load with Cargo Liability Insurance

For-hire truckers face tremendous exposure to liability in the event of damage or loss to cargo. Now more than ever before, most shippers require that truckers provide insurance for the value of the freight while in transit. Cargo liability insurance companies typically offer coverage for claims resulting from the following: Collision Fire Striking of a […]

Motor truck cargo insurance coverage

Protect Your Business

If you are involved in an accident while transporting cargo, do you have the insurance you would need to cover any losses you sustain? Motor truck cargo insurance coverage can provide an additional layer of protection beyond basic carrier liability, and protect you against unforeseen losses because of damage or theft. What Is Covered? While […]

Tail policies

What You Should Know About Your Tail Coverage Options

Most physicians know that any malpractice insurance coverage should include the right tail policy. Tail policies cover medical professionals when their claims-based malpractice insurance runs out. With a claims-based malpractice policy, doctors are protected financially from medical negligence claims during the period in which the policy is in effect. Once the coverage period ends, for […]

staffing insurance

Advantages of Specialized Insurance Agencies

With any business, insurance is a must to avoid potential costly litigation’s, compromising reputations and overall time and stress involved in resolving any mishaps. Luckily, enlisting the help of a good insurance agency can help to predict the likelihood of these events occurring, and can put an appropriate coverage plan in place to prepare for […]

accountants professional liability insurance

E&O Protection for Accountants: Don’t Sleep on It

For such a left-brain profession, it is surprising how many CPAs doubt the necessity for accountants professional liability insurance coverage. Yet any business that provides services or dispenses advice to clients needs specialized liability protection. Add the fact that accounting firms work closely with sensitive financial data only intensifies the risk of claims, whether warranted […]

Special risks insurance brokers

Covering Your Unique Business Needs

Generally speaking, personal and commercial insurance policies are the most commonly sought after policies. Many agencies can offer general policies to cover common exposures and risks. In some cases, these generic policies are not enough. Special risks insurance brokers are able to offer coverage that fills in the gaps with risks and exposure not traditionally […]

temporary boat insurance

Hidden Limitations of Boat Insurance

Every state may not require boat owners to carry insurance on their vessels. This, however, may not relieve owners from financial responsibility if their boat causes damage to someone else’s property. To protect themselves and their investments, boat owners may obtain a standard boaters insurance policy and temporary boat insurance. Standard Boat Policies Standard boat […]

E&O coverage

Ask For These 3 Extras When You Shop for Errors & Omissions Insurance

If you are shopping for an errors and omission insurance policy, you likely know that your focus should be on the insuring clause and the exclusions clause. The insuring clause tells you who is protected under the policy and how benefits are received. The exclusions clause tells you what would keep you from receiving benefits. […]