CT homeowners insurance

Coverage for Your Most Valued Possession: Your Home

The old expression, “putting a roof over your head” makes buying a house seem like something done for the simplest of reasons, but it’s much more than that. It’s likely one of the most valuable investments you’ll ever make, and one you’d find difficult to replace if a disaster were to happen. This could involve […]

used car dealer insurance

Protect Your Investment With a Comprehensive Business Policy

If you own a used car dealership, you have a lot to lose in the event of an accident. Fires, natural disasters, negligent employees and theft are all risks that you face on a daily basis, and even a single lost, damaged or stolen vehicle can set you back thousands of dollars. Fortunately, used car […]

workers’ compensation insurance

3 Reasons to Purchase Workers’ Comp Insurance if You Own a Small Business

Small business owners have many expenses that range from paying employees to purchasing inventory. Factor insurance costs into the equation and you may be tempted to skip coverage that isn’t legally required in favor of saving money. However, skipping workers’ compensation insurance can be disastrous, especially if any of the following applies to your business. […]

Agent Insurance Marketing

Sell More Policies by Establishing Specific Goals

Marketing your agency really shouldn’t be all that daunting a task. After all, you believe in the products and services being offered. The only drawback might be if you lack the necessary marketing experience. Agent Insurance Marketing takes time, a well-thought out plan, and proper execution of that plan. It’s really as simple as that. […]

Insurance for nursing homes

Property Insurance and Other Related Healthcare Coverages

While the number one concern that your clients in the nursing home profession should always be the care of their residents, they also have concerns about the property where residents reside. They need to ensure that their patients get the quality care and living conditions they deserve. Insurance for nursing homes that addresses property coverage […]

Contingent cargo liability insurance

Why Freight Brokers Need Contingent Cargo Insurance

Contingent cargo liability insurance is a supplemental insurance policy that protects freight brokers in the event of the damage or loss of a shipment. While freight brokers are merely middlemen who negotiate the shipping contracts between the owners of the goods and the receiver of the goods, brokers can be liable if anything happens to […]

yacht club insurance

Yacht Clubs Need To Cover More Than the Facilities

When people think about yacht clubs, they tend to imagine buildings on the waterfront surrounded by piers and water. A good yacht club insurance policy covers all of these things, but it also includes the things people don’t think about when they think about yacht clubs. Things like the boats are floating in the water […]

Clifton construction insurance agency

Builders Risk Insurance for Contractors and Owners

One of the main benefits that a commercial contractor will receive when they apply for a builder’s risk policy is that it will cover the contractor and the property owner from certain liabilities while construction is underway. Builder’s risk coverage works much like property insurance but is designed to protect against fires, wind damage during […]

CT homeowners insurance

Get Insured and Rest Assured

Your home is one of your most valuable possessions so when purchasing an insurance policy, you don’t want to simply base your decision on which company has the cheapest rates. Rather, consider what your CT homeowners insurance should cover in order for you to rest assured that, should disaster ever strike, you and your family […]

Bailee liability insurance

Insurance Can Help Pay for Legal Costs

Transportation companies are generally responsible for storing and delivering products from one location to another. Despite often being in possession of these goods for a long period of time, they rarely ever actual own these products. Therefore, they may be held financially responsible if these goods get damaged, lost or stolen. Bailee liability insurance may […]